Amanda GattoOperations Coordinator

Amanda is the newest member of the team, joining operations for ICFP in May of 2023. While primarily assisting with the day-to-day operations and managing marketing for the firm, she is also learning the basics to becoming a certified financial planner.

After completing her undergraduate studies at North Central College in 2015, Amanda’s professional background has been primarily spent in the Real Estate industry, serving in Property Management for both the leasing and residential sectors. As well as a Brand Manager in Marketing.

During the shutdown of 2020, Amanda felt the pull to begin creating and writing a blog for adopted children and their families. While the focus in creating this community was primarily to help other adopted children to find one another, she found that it also served the families of adopted children as well as their birth parents.

In her spare time Amanda has enjoyed staying involved coaching competitive cheering for schools in the Chicagoland Suburbs, volunteering in her local church, and community service. She has a passion for children in the Foster Care system and hopes to become an advocate in the near future.