Financial Planning & Wealth Management for Foundations & Endowments

Our process for working with Foundations and Endowments is not all that dissimilar from that of our process for working with INDIVIDUALS and ORGANIZATION, but the key difference focuses on how the funds are to be allocated when the time horizon is in perpetuity.

  • Create an investment plan to fit your needs, risk tolerance, and investment policy statement.
  • Structure a portfolio along the dimensions of expected returns.
  • Diversify globally.
  • Manage expenses, turnover, and taxes.
  • Stay disciplined through market dips and swings.

By engaging with us through OUR PROCESS, we can help you address the following issues that must be addressed to have a successful plan.

  • Documenting Plan Goals and Objectives
  • Developing a Statement of Investment Policy
  • Monitoring Plan Assets
  • Documenting Fiduciary Standards of Care FAQ
  • Selecting and Monitoring Service Providers
  • Understanding Plan Expenses
  • Understanding Participant Communication Guidelines
  • Staying informed on changes that affect the plan

How we help:

  • Prudence throughout the process of making fiduciary decisions
  • Acting solely in the interest of the beneficiaries and with the exclusive purpose of providing benefit to them.
  • To diversify investments and pay only reasonable expenses.
  • Help to understand and follow plan documents.